Captain's Log

Terminal7 0.17.0 Release Notes October 8, 2021

Hi all, Benny here. I hope this version finds you well.

This version adds copy-mode, and fixes static IP connections. Copy-mode allows us to copy text using hjkl. There are three ways to enter copy mode:

  • Cmd-[
  • Cmd-f
  • Scroll

When copy mode is on, you get an indicatoer at the top right and all your keys are used to help you copy the text you need. It’s one of the great featrues of tmux and we copy it’s interface:

  • ‘hjkl’ and arrow keys to move around
  • space bar to toggle marking
  • enter to copy selection to the clipboard and exit copy-mode
  • ‘?’ to search backward
  • ‘/’ to search forward
  • ‘n’ for the next match
  • ‘q’ to quit

Next, I’ll be adding first time instructin and support for w, b, e, f & F. Please play with it and if there’s somehing missing, send a message to #features.

The bug had to do with a refactor I left half-done: turned getFingerprint async and return a promise. I didn’t refactored the static IP code and instead of the fingerprint the modal displayed: [object promise] :-(

Static IP should work fine now, and I need to improve testing.

If you’re into javascript please checkout our issue hunts -