Captain's Log

Terminal7 Version 1.6 - SSH is now free! August 19, 2023

Greetings Terminal7 users,

I am excited to introduce you to Version 1.6 of Terminal7, the terminal designed for the tablet age. With this latest release, we make the SSH version free as its been since the PuTTY days.

One of the major updates in Version 1.6 is the division of Terminal7 into two distinct versions: a free version and an online service. The free version, which is now available in the App Store, supports only SSH connections. You can connect to any SSH server and take advantage of a range of features: a local multiplexer, camera pane, touch gestures, true colors, nerd fonts and more. Additionally, we have added biometric authentication for added convenience and security.

For users seeking extreme mobility, we are launching the PeerBook service. This subscription-based online service provides WebRTC peer discovery and connection establishment. This means your data goes over UDP and encrypted using the DTLS protocol. The online service also offers a relay network, supporting access to servers behind the NATs and mobile networks. To provide an extra layer of security, the service includes a two-factor authentication (2FA) secured address book, allowing you to store up to 20 peers.

Please try the version out - until 19/5/2023 the first year is free - and let us know how it goes in our discord server’s #feedback