Captain's Log

Version 1.10.0: Clipboard integration and more April 16, 2024

Greetings Snowflakes!

I hope this version finds you well. It’s a big one, with one big feature and a few improvements. I want to thank Yael Hazan and Alon Milveski for their contributions to this release.

Yael added a color indication to the latency: yellow when it’s above 100ms and red when it’s above 400ms. Alon trimmed the in-gate stats, leaving only latency and moved the display inside the terminal window. They both found a couple of bugs and together we squashed them.

I’ve been busy working on webexec 1.4.0. I’ve added the ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ subcommand for clipboard integration. The commands are communicating with the most recent client over the control channel to set and get the clipboard content. Once webexec was done, I’ve updated the terminal7 client to support the new control messages: set_clipboard and get_clipboard.

I’ve integrated it into my neovim so keying "+yy will copy the current line to the cleint’s clipboard. I’ve added instructions to the README and made sure it works well even when using legacy terminals.

Happy hacking!