Captain's Log

Terminal7 0.21: TUI for forms, Extended copy mode and fixing SSH August 6, 2022

As we’re getting closer to 1.0, the rate of change accelerates. Thanks to Eyal, our summer intern, and the code he contributed 0.21 is much sleeker. He completed revamped search in pane and copy-mode. The latter now support repetition factor and all the keys I frequently use. To enter copy mode use Cmd-[ or Cmd-f if you want to search. If any keys are missing please open an issue.

Eyal also revamped our forms and rebased them for a terminal interface. To play with the new interface add a new gate or long press a gate to edit it. Please us how it goes in our discord server.

We also added the weblinks addons so you can clicks URLs that were printed to the screen and see their page in an in-app browser. To see it in action try echo and click the link.

While Eyal was polishing the front-end I’ve been busy in the belly of the beast, polishing SSH support and fixing the exit bug. This bug took me on a rabbit hole where I had to take the turbolift all the way down to a library from the last millienium - libssh2.a - there battling conflicting architectures. It wasn’t fun, but I had to do it, as there was a bug in NMSSH that made T7 hang whenever I exit a shell. I spent a couple of weeks in the hole and one more day fixing the bug and releasing our very own NMSSHT7 in cocoapods.

For now, SSH only supports username & password based authentication. The next version should have key pair based auth so please bear with us and ensure your /etc/ssh/sshd_config has PasswordAuthentication yes

That’s all for now, please take Terminal7 for a test drive and open issues or join our discord server and let us know how it goes.