Captain's Log

Terminal7 0.17.2: Quick fix for gestures October 13, 2021

This version is a quickfix, restoring touch support. I’m sorry, but this bug slipped though my keyboard-bound fingers, losing all gesture input. I hope no screens were damaged and no fingers bruised in failed splits.

The bug resulted from an explosive combination of a new xtermjs, a bit of codelong overdue for refactor and me slacking on my job as release manager.

Minor versions should tested by a human. With v0.17.0 it didn’t happen. I have only the most common excuse: I didn’t have time, there was a bug with static IPs so I rushed the version.

BIG MISTAKE - when rushing things, quality suffers.

This version should work much better. I used to opportunity to beautify the search box. It was hurting my eyes and the layout is much better now. Please give it try.