Captain's Log

Terminal7 0.15.6 Release Notes May 21, 2021

We hope this version finds you well. It introduces a new online service - peerbook - letting you connect to behind-the-NAT servers and keeping an address book of peers. With peerbook you don’t have to key addresses or copy tokens.

Changes to your peerbook are authorized by a short lived link. The link is either automatically emailed to you when a you start a new peer or when you request it at peerbook is also a websocket server, trimming setup time by enabling tickle-ICE. peerbook’s data is stored in GCP and the code is released under an MIT license.

To use peerbook you need to install our latest webexec program on your sever. If it’s a fresh installation you just need to run webexec init and enter your email. If you already have a ~/.webexec/webexec.conf you can edit it and add the peerbook section. The section requires an email field and an optional name for the hostname. We’ve taken great pains to make it stable, but still… it rarely freezes on return to the foreground. To unfreeze, you can either use the reset button to restart the connection or you can switch to another app and switch back after a few seconds. It’s a sneaky bug whose day will come.

Please try it out and join the conversation on our discord server (link in the help)