Captain's Log

Version 1.8: Web version and synced clients September 14, 2023

This is a big version, on of the biggest we’ve ever released. Version 1.7 added Android support and 1.8 adds a Web version.

It is packaged as a Progressive Web App and can be installed from chrome’s toolbar. Naturally, it doesn’t support SSH, only WebRTC. I use it on my desktop to work on the localhost making the transition to/from the iPad seamless. When at home I use Terminal7 on the large screen and mechanical keyboard. When I roam, I connect to my desktop and it’s just like I’m back at my seat.

This required adding a new option to the reset command - “Fit my screen”. Choosing this option will resize the screen and keep it fit. Another, easier way, to fit to screen is to resize the app’s window.

Login Command

If you are a PeerBook subscriber, you can login to your account from the web version and connect to all your peers. Once you’re logged in you have the same power as the native version so you can add & eddit gates and even delete them.

If two or more clients are connected to the same user@server the panes and layout are synced in real-time, e.g, when one client zooms in a pane all clients zoom. The interface is focused on a single developer using both native & web based version. Broadcasting is possible but not recommended for now as we have no orderly way of passing control and viewers can hack freely.