About Us

Our History

Terminal7 started as Benny’s COVID project. Benny loved his iPad Pro, but the terminal apps were not up to par. Realizing that a tablet-based terminal needs a revised architecture, he started Terminal7.

Our Mission

We’re working together as an independent workshop, looking for immortality through the development of sharp & polished tools and providing the services they need. We believe in the Terminal in Open Source and in small businesses.

Our revenue comes from selling Terminal7 subscriptions. The first one is an online service - peerbook.io - that allows Terminal7 to run over WebRTC and enjoy its many benefits.


Benny Daon - Benny is a passionate programmer since the 8-bit days. His first developer tools - The Cloud (vintage 1998) and Storm - were used by hundreds of companies in the early days of the Internet. As an Open Source believer, Benny co-founded the Open Knesset project and the Public Knowledge Workshop - an Israeli non-profit. Benny lives in Tel Aviv with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs.

Alex Rozenfarb - Alex has been promoting apps, companies, and organizations online for over a decade. Lately, Alex has been focused on influencers and sponsorships.

Eyal Sasson - Eyal is an intern who joined us to learn programming and in less than a year became a highly productive developer. Eyal led the development of the Android version and most of the TWR CLI.