About Us

Our History

Terminal7 started as Benny’s COVID project. Benny loved his iPad Pro, but the terminal apps were not up to par. Realizing that a tablet-based terminal needs a revised architecture, he started Terminal7.

Our Mission

We’re working together as an independent workshop, aiming for immortality through the development of sharp, polished dev tools and a thriving community.

Our Community

We welcome contributions from the community. If you’re interested in contributing to Terminal7, choose the repo you’re interested in and start by running it locally. Once the tests pass, look for an issue that interests you and start asking questions.

If you want to help with the vanilla TypeScript frontend, it’s in Terminal7. If you want to help with our Go backend, check out webexec. We also have a Go-based signaling service in peerbook. Both Go servers are based on pion and are a great way to get started with WebRTC.

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